Tragedy and Triumph 1985-1999

The pride and excitement of an expanded church with greater seating capacity and modern facilities was short-lived however. On July 11, 1985, a devastating destroyed the church that so many people had worked so hard to realize.

People watched in disbelief as the newly constructed Church went up in flames. After all the hard work and planning, it was necessary to begin the process all over again. The building committee examined several alternatives- including trying to rebuild using some of the existing material as the foundation. After several meetings and discussions with contractors, it was decided to build a new and larger Church on the Original site. The plan was approved by Parish council, Bishop William Power, and subsequently endorsed by a general meeting of Parishioners.

The design work for the new Church was awarded to Ojolick associates of Sydney. The tender for construction was awarded to Joneljim Construction. The actual construction began on Monday, May 26, 1986. The hope was to have the new Church completed for Christmas mass in December 1986. Due to several delays, this completion date could not be met. While the planning and construction were ongoing, Our Lady of Fatima Parish held masses each weekend at Malcolm Munroe Junior High School. The parish remains grateful for the continued co-operation of so many people and organizations during this period.

In February 1987, Mass was celebrated in the new, enlarged, Our Lady of Fatima Church. The official Rite of Dedication of Our Lady of Fatima Church was celebrated Sunday May 24, 1987 at 2 p.m. Bishop Colin Campbell presided over the celebration and was joined by the current pastor, Reverend Stanley MacDonald and former pastors, Rev. Tony MacDonald and Rev. Alphonsus Doyle.