At Baptism, the Christian Community welcomes and accepts the child at the invitation of the parents. Confirmation can be seen as the child, when he or she is no longer a child makes a personal choice to accept the Community. Thus, next to the parents as the single biggest influence on the life of a child, the Christian Community is the biggest gift parents can give to their children. However, in order for the Christian Community to help parents in the formation of the child, he or she must be present to it and in it. The support of the rest of the family, the Christian Community, helps parents realize that they are not alone in raising their children. We are all responsible in some way, and we work together to shoulder that responsibility.Therefore, communal Baptism, with other children, is strongly encouraged.

1. Contact the parish office to register for an upcoming Baptism Preparation Program which takes place on the first Sunday of each month.

2. At least one parent must be a Catholic.

3. Godparent(s) must be at least 16 years old, a confirmed Catholic, practicing their faith, and be willing to accept the responsibility of supporting their godchild in faith. One Godparent must be Catholic.

4. If you have only one Godparent, then that person can be either male or female.

5. Baptism Preparation Class is offered here at Our Lady of Fatima and a requirement if you have not completed a Baptism Preparation Program in the past five years. You may attend a class at another Catholic parish (please provide a certificate of completion or a letter). Forward the certificate and Baptism Form by means indicated below.

Our Lady of Fatima Parish
1452 Kings Road
Sydney River, NS

Fax to: 902-567-0381

e-mail to:   please indicate Baptism in the subject line.

Our Baptisms are scheduled for the Second Sunday of each month. Forms are available below:


Blank Baptism Form



Baptism certificates

Requests for Baptism Certificates should be made to the parish office at with BAPTISM CERTIFICATE in the subject line.  Please include the name, date of birth, date of Baptism (if known), parents names and where you wish to have the certificated forwarded.