A group of women from Our Lady of Fatima Parish began making banners when a request came from the CB County in 1979 for liturgical banners.  These were to be used in the procession as part of the celebrations marking the CB County Centennial Women from Our Lady of Fatima, St. Mark’s Anglican and the United Protestant churches worked together and made banners representing the different liturgical seasons of the church year.  After the celebrations ( held at the Community Rink) these  banners were used in the churches, being traded from time to time among the three churches.  Unfortunately, at the time of the fire in our church, two of these banners were lost, as well as several others that were made specifically for our church.  One that comes to mind was a banner of “Our Lady of Fatima” that was made for the display and liturgical celebration for the city of Sydney’s Bicentennial in 1985.  The banner group were eager to replace these banners and several more were made over the years since then.  They are still being made by most of the same women who started sewing them in 1979.  Every Tuesday morning this group of women put on a pot of coffee, pull out boxes and bags of materials and set to work on the planning and constructing of these banners, which decorate our church throughout the year.