An increased recognition of the role of the laity was stressed in the teaching of Vatican II.  Bishop William Power called upon Father John MacKinnon to spearhead the setting up of Parish Councils across the Diocese of Antigonish.  Tom Gaskell and Father Joe Muise were part of Father John’s committee whose work soon bore fruit.

Father Tony MacDonald, pastor of Our Lady of Fatima in 1981, was an early supporter of greater direct involvement of the laity in the life of the parish.  A Parish Council, nominated and elected by the parish, with representation of seniors, youth and the CWL, selected Dan Cash to be its first chairperson in 1981.

Parish council members at present are:

  • Fr. Duaine Devereaux
  • Cleo Windsor (chair)
  • Frank Howell
  • Claudia Aucoin
  • Ian Doucette
  • Mary Aucoin
  • Julie Lelievre
  • Shawn Moore
  • Emily Long
  • Wanda Fedora
  • Karen Lebrun-Smith
  • Kerry Lynk