In 1973 the churches of Sydney and surrounding areas established Loaves & Fishes.  The purpose of the society is to provide a comfortable, respectable environment to individuals who, because of financial circumstances, are unable to maintain proper nutritional meals.  The Loaves & Fishes building on Charlotte St. is open every day.  People come not only to share food, but also to meet friends.  Thousands of meals are served each day–  47,246 in 1998, alone.

Our Lady of Fatima parish is one of the great supporters of the Loaves & Fishes Society.  A community of faith must be concerned about the marginal people in our society.  It is a great joy for all of us that Fatima Parish is truly a caring and sharing community.  Thanks for the support of Loaves & Fishes.   May the spirit continue for many years to come.